Architecture in spacetime

Non Residential
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The term « architecture » comes from Greek and can be interpreted as “to give spatial and temporal protection”. From a spatial point of view, architecture has to be solid in order to respect the basic principles of statics. So architectural projects can be considered as fixed in space. Of course, one can argue that spaces become more dynamic due to the position of the sun, the seasons, the materials used, the movement of people in space,… But in this case, the idea is to have a simpler approach and to prove that on the contrary, architecture can’t be fixed in time because its most important aim is to last and to evolve with time. This evolution can be associated to decline or growth. Decline, for example when buildings are gradually reclaimed by their natural environment, or growth in the case of projects composed of several phases that are more or less spaced in time.

This idea of growth can be found in this project that was first designed by Stynen and then continued by Beel until 2010, when the last sequence of the project was completed.