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The project includes a watchtower located in a natural area of Dilsen-Stokkem. The watchtower provides a beautiful view over the areas “Negenoord” and “Kerkeweerd. You also get nice views over the Maas and the Dutch Maasvillages. From the triangular tower you can observe birds, galloways and Konik horses. The experience of this project already starts 20’ walking from the tower. The walk to the tower is inspirational and restful.
The viewpoints on each floor are great and each time different. If you look outside on every level you have to orientate yourself to know in which direction you are looking. All the layered experiences of this project are a value for the natural area.
Because of this natural environment the architects decides to make this construction out of rammed earth. The rammed earth consist of sand, clay and gravel from in the neighbourhood. The optimal composition of the rammed earth was researched by the French architects: Crater- re, specialist in this field. For this explicit composition, there is calculated a maximal pressure resistance which is used to design the project. Rammed earth is a traditional building method, which has in recent years becoming more popular because of its aesthetic and ecological ad- vantages.