Vernacular Future Home

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The eco-Manyatta Project was initiated by the enterpreneur, Nina Soila Kosen in 2015,in partnership with the International Labour Organization (ILO) under a DFID funded project, The Project is Located at Narok county in Kenya, her ambition was to improve the poor living condition of pastoralist communities living in Traditional Maasai Manyatta hauses, with maintaing the same design of maasai cultural identity , the initiator seeks to improve these hauses by making it structurally strong and durable using locally available resources, like stones adobe bricks, using solar energy for lighting and biogas from cow dung for cooking, She also extend her thinking towards expanding of door and windows to improve ventilation.
Due to adverse amount of deforestation that occurs caused by building and construction of pastoralist homes, as well as with the daily reliance for cooking and lighting purposes, it has resulted to direct impact on the health and environment of the Maasai community especially women and children, Nina Soila Kosen with her Eco Manyatta Housing limited has tried to provides a sustainable housing solution.
This entrepreneur idea I perceived it to be a mordern Vernacular architecture and an architectural work without architect,using ecofriendly resources to change traditional livelihoods of pastoralist communities.